The large and green Thalle Lungma leads north-west from the Shyok River, 15km west of Khaplu and 85km east of Skardu. The upper valley divides, and the north branch leads over the infrequently crossed Tusserpo La (5084m), while the south branch leads over the easier Thalle La (452m). Both passes lead to the Bauma Lungma, with runs south-west to Shigar. 

The Thalle La one of the few non-glaciated passes and one of Baltistan’s easiest, lends itself to backpacking. It can be crossed in either direction, and the Shigar trailhead is easily reached from Skardu. Thalay Laa & Deosai Plato Trip is the best  Trip in pakistan.

1Welcome to Pakistan (Islamabad)  
2Fly to Skardu if flight cancellation night spend in Chilas 12-13hrs    
3 Drive from Chilas to Skardu 8-9hrs  
4Free day /Prepration & sight seeing 
5Free day /Prepration & sight seeing 
6Trek to Thalley Brangsa /Broq 4-5hrs  3600-M 
7Trek to Brangsa - Shaqyol 3-4 hrs. 3730-M  
8 Trek to Shaqyel  Bangma Harl Pass to shigar  3750-M 
9Trek to Bangma Harl - Shigar  3-4hrs 3200-M  
10Drive to  Skardu  3-3hrs
11jeep  trip Excuision to Susar Lake Deosai plato over night in tent  2-3hrs  4000-M 
12 Back to Skardu 2-3hrs by jeep 
13 Back to Skardu 2-3hrs by jeep  
14Flight to Islamabad subject to weather, Drive to Chilas .8-9 hrs
15Drive from Chilas to Skardu 12-13hrs
16Onward to your Own Destinations