Concordia situated in the North West End of Baltoro glacier centered by Abruzi and Goodwin Austin glacier, in an alleviation of 4600m. Concordia is surrounded by the second world highest peak K-2 (8611M), and the other peaks as well likely, Broad Peak (8047mm, Gasherbrum I 8-68M, G-II, 8035, G-IV, 7925M, Saltoro Kangri 7742m, Chogolisa I 7668M, Chogolisa II 7654M, Baltoro Kangri 7463m, Sia Kangri 7442m, Masherbrum Groups 7821m, Muztagh Tower 7272m, and the Baltoro Cathedral of Uli Biafo and Trango groups from 5500m to 6700m. The trek goes on through the traditional stages fixed by expedition, and by the Ministry of Tourism, Askoli to Johla crossing Bardumal crossing at the foot of the Biafo glacier, walking on the right bank Braldu river cross on a foot bridge of Domordu River camp at the North of Dumordu valley. While walking in Baltoro glacier that panoramic view goes to deep to your sole.

1Islamabad/Rawalpindi: Sightseeing
2Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway11-12hrs
3Drive from Chilas to Skardu 8-9hrs
4Drive to Askoli 6-7hrs 3000m
5Trek to Jhola 5-6hrs 3200m
6Trek to Paiyu 6-7 hrs 3450m
7Free day in Paiyu
8Trek to Khoburtse 5-6hrs 4050m
9Trek to Urdukas 3-4hrs 4050m
10Trek to Goro-II 5-6hrs 4,300m
11Trek to Concordia 5-6hrs 4,650m
12 Free day in Concordia for photography
13 Full day excursion to K-2 base camp
14Trek to Goro-II (5-6hrs)
15Trek to Urdukas 4-5hrs
16Trek to Paiyu 5-6hrs
17Trek to Jhola 6-7hrs