This outstanding treks,is one of the challangious for every lover of adventures, which lies between K-2 BC & Gondogoro La glacier and Baltoro glacier connect Shigar valley to Hushe valley, crosses the most fascinated Area of Karakorum in the east of Karakorum. Among high pass from top,can see all the greates Karakoram Mountains including K-2 8611M,Braod Peak,GI,GII,GIV,GV and lots more. Take a day excursion to K-2 base camp from Concordia a place lying in the middle of high mountains. Which is a place called mountain paradise.

1Islamabad: Welfare meeting in Alpine Club of Pakistan
2Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway 11-12hrs  
3Drive to Skardu along with Indus River 8-9-hrs
4Drive to Askoi via Shigar valley 6-7-hrs 3000m
5Trek to Jhola 6-7-hrs 3200-m
6Trek to Paiyu 6-7-hrs 3450-m
7 Free day for local exploration
8Trek to Khoburtse 5-6-hrs 3990-m
9Trek to Urdukas 3-4-hrs 4050-m
10Trek to Goro-II 5-6-hrs 4380-m
11Trek to Concordia 4-5-hrs 4650-m
12Rest day or local exploration
13Full day excursion to Broad Peak & K-2 Base Camp 5135-m
14Full day trek to Ali camp km 5010-m  
15Trek to Hispung after crossing Gondogoro La Pass 5680-m
16Trek to Daltsampa 3-4-hrs  4300-m
17Trek to Saicho 3-4-hrs 3330-m
18Trek to Hushe 4-5-hrs 3050-m
19Drive to Skardu (6-7 hrs)
20Drive to Chilas 8-9-hrs
21Drive to Islamabad 11-12-hrs
22Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight