One of the most stunning mountains in the Karakorum Range is Charakusa Valley. It's the most incredible alpine climbing area you've ever seen. With ascents feasible on many mountains and several challenging rock walls, the area between Sapingser and K7 base camp is a hiking heaven.

The Charakusa Valley glacier is located in a spectacular mountainous region only a few kilometres from Hushe. In the middle of Karakorum, Niza Peak, Kapura Peak (6545 m), K7 (6934 m), Namika (6325m), the K6 (7281 m), Drifica (6650m), Laila peak (6400m) and Link Sar (7041m) offer a rare ability to climb rock and ice peaks.

Almost all of the mountains are less than 6000 metres, which implies there is no permission fee or site manager, and with just a three-day walk from the end of the path, Karakorum expeditions are inexpensive.