Hunza Valley Tour is one of the world's most famous tours. It is found in Pakistan's far northwestern region. Many people assume that Hunza Valley was the inspiration for James Hilton's popular novel Lost Horizon. The Hunza Valley is known around the world as the Land Of Legends because of its history, scenery, friendliness, and hospitality. Every year, travelers and explorers from all over the world come to this place.

Hunza Valley is surrounded by the Karakoram Range's majestic mountains. From anyplace in the heart ofHunza valley, Ultar Peak (7,388 m), Diran Peak (7,266 m), Rakaposhi Peak (7,788 m), Shishper Peak (7,611 m), Spantik (7,072 m), and numerous other peaks and mountains above 6,000 m could be clearly seen. Many species of Fauna and Flora can be found in the Hunza Valley. Beautiful lakes, vast mountains, special culture, history, architecture, wildlife, glaciers, and the community composition will all be sights you will see.